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Take advantage of FuelMetrics’ free trial and see how this unique system can help organisations with significant exposure to the nuclear fuel market manage their exposure to ongoing risk. Risks are clearly presented in graphics, tables and reports, showing users how their exposure to risk may change over time. To assess your risk exposure simply input your contractual commitments and your uncommitted resources or requirements.

The FuelMetrics system then isolates individual assets and liabilities within your portfolio, segregating fixed price and market-related obligations, optionality such as ceilings, floors, calls and puts; inflation exposures, volume flexibility and a range of other risk factors. The result is a detailed and real-time picture of risk in high value nuclear fuel portfolios. This insight enables our customers to make quick mitigation decisions in volatile markets; reducing costs and maximising profitability.

Scott Lawrence, founder of FuelMetrics, said,

Commercial commitments for nuclear fuel supply are often heavily embedded with optionality, containing multiple non-fuel-related risks that are rarely distilled into their individual components. A contracting preference shift towards fixed prices forwards changed the risk dynamics within our industry even further. As a result, we know how important it is to fully understand the risk exposure you carry on your books and to minimise the potential impact of that risk. Providing real-time tools to accurately value complex portfolios and measure the associated risks means we can help our customers make informed decisions to minimise costs and maximise profits.

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