How It Works

FuelMetrics is a unique, web-based, application that accurately values and measures the risks associated with nuclear fuel portfolios, supply offer comparisons and/or uranium resources. Risks are clearly presented in graphics, tables and reports, showing users how their exposure to risk may change over time. To assess your risk exposure simply input your contractual commitments and your uncommitted resources or requirements. The FuelMetrics system then isolates individual assets and liabilities within your portfolio, segregating fixed price and market-related obligations, optionality such as ceilings, floors, calls and puts; inflation exposures, volume flexibility and a range of other risk factors.

The result is a detailed and real-time picture of risk in high value nuclear fuel portfolios. This insight enables our customers to make quick mitigation decisions in volatile markets; reducing costs and maximising profitability.

How does FuelMetrics assess THE riskS?

We overlay your positions with prevailing market pricing information to derive real-time valuations for each. To do this, we use market information such as spot nuclear fuel prices, forward curve information, volatility data, interest rates, credit spreads and inflation swap rates.

Our risk analysis then measures the sensitivity of each valuation to changing market conditions, paying particular attention to changes resulting from movements in spot and forward uranium prices, interest rates, credit spreads, inflation, volatility, facility risk, geopolitical risks and counterparty credit risks.

The detailed valuation and risk analysis is then aggregated up to graphically display your collective net positions, valuations and risks, giving you the information you need to accurately assess your risk exposure and optimise your books.

How is your data used?

The portfolio information and risk limit data that enables FuelMetrics to assess risk exposure is saved locally on the users’ machine or intranet. This means your data remains within the control of your organisation at all times.

What does FuelMetrics cost?

  • FuelMetrics and the output data is accessed on a licence fee basis.
  • A rolling 3-month access costs USD $- per month and is invoiced quarterly in advance.
  • Each organisational site licence comes with 4 individual user logins to cover the management, commercial, risk and treasury teams.
  • Additional users can be added to the licence at a cost of USD $- per month.