About Us

FuelMetrics has been developed by Scott Lawrence, Anthony George and their support team, drawing on their many years’ combined experience within the nuclear fuel industry. The system now provides specialist valuation, risk management and portfolio optimisation software for anyone involved in the nuclear fuel market, including fuel buyers, producers and traders.

Scott Lawrence | FOUNDER

Scott brings a wide experience across the energy space to his role with FuelMetrics. He has specialised in the markets for nuclear fuels for nearly a decade, during this time he’s maintained a keen interest in the commoditisation across the industry and regularly speaks on the subject at industry forums. Coupled with this he has designed and maintained programs for the input and metadata data feeds, which underpin the system.

Anthony George | CTO

Anthony has designed, maintained and managed the middle and back office systems used to support day to day trading operations within an energy market firm. He’s worked on pricing feeds, web portals and mobile apps and brings this wealth of JavaScript programming experience to both the front end and the analytics used within the FuelMetrics system.

Scott said,

Commercial commitments for nuclear fuel supply are often heavily embedded with optionality, containing multiple non-fuel-related risks that are rarely distilled into their individual components. A contracting preference shift towards fixed prices forwards changed the risk dynamics within our industry even further. As a result, we know how important it is to fully understand the risk exposure you carry on your books and to minimise the potential impact of that risk. Providing real-time tools to accurately value complex portfolios and measure the associated risks means we can help our customers make informed decisions to minimise costs and maximise profits.